Medicine of One Lomakayu AudioBook Library

A number of people have contacted me offering to purchase many of  the titles offered on Youtube in a format they can listen to without being wired into the internet. I recorded these teachings first for my own experience initially. Part of my experience is communicating them to you with life and understanding. So I am now granting you entrance into my personal library. There for I am not going to ask for contributions for individual titles but for sections of the Library. These titles are currently available on Youtube and will remain so. They will be in downloadable audiobook format (mb4). You can request that I add to the list and if that is possible I will.  I am not charging for this service but a donation would be greatly appreciated if you can afford it by using the paypal button provided. You can also use Zelle using the email shown below.  You can also support my youtube channel by purchasing titles in Audible and Itunes.  If you donate I will be notified and will send a link to the folder pictured below listing the titles currently available for download. If times are hard and you can not donate  email me at the email shown at the bottom of this page.

Below are the current titles included in the library

*Google scans files when you download them from google Drive. These files are too big so you will get a message
stating the file is too large to scan.