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Commitment Ceremonies

Witnessing each other’s Soul Journey gave my husband and I a better understanding of each other’s place in the world.

The Commitment Ceremony helped us to seal this for our individual selves and to also situate it into the larger space of our shared circles that is our marriage. Seeing and understanding the true nature in each other has brought us closer together.

"As a shamanic healer, Lomakayu is deeply committed to his practice. He is a man of great integrity and embodies compassion. His gentle nature made us feel safe in our vulnerability during our sessions. He creates the sacred space for magic to happen! What you have imparted to me in the Soul Journey went beyond anything I could have ever imagine and opened me up to the sacred existence, which is my life. It is from the deepest part of my heart that I thank you for this divine gift! You truly exist in a state of oneness, and as a Soul Dreamer, helped me to make the connections I needed to with the lost parts of myself for healing.

- Anonymous

Earnest commitment is one of the last chapters in Medicine of One because moving through life is a path. This commitment is earnestly choosing to walk that path as the circle of one. Two People come together to share a circle. This means they must consciously choose compassion first for themselves and then the other. A marriage is the choice to share a circle. But what are the balancing forces of that circle you are committing to? Your personal circle extends to the greater circle of your union. This means true compassion must begin with self-compassion. Choose to let your union be a path wholeness, freedom, trust, love, courage, and patience.

"You are an inspiration in the way that you live from your center and allow compassion to sustain itself and flow freely. In addition to bringing healing to the world, you are a role model for living the unique gift to the world that you are." Thank you for providing me with the direct revelation of this!"

- Catherine Lucas

Commitment ceremonies are done out on the land in a sacred circle with the vast and spacious sky as your witness. We use sticks and rocks to help establish and give form to the sacred circle of your union. There is no script here. The words of your commitment must spring spontaneously from your lips or just from your eyes and presence.

Once I get a sense of what people want from this ceremony then I blend that with my own sense of truth and earnestness. The ceremony flowers from our coming together. These aren’t meant to be large spectacles for a crowd of people. They are private with a few close friends or relatives. If it is a true marriage with a certificate then we just need a witness. I actually do more re-commitment ceremonies then marriages.

Commitment Ceremonies


We can be out for 3 hours or more. There is not a charge for additional people joining the journey to the circle.
If a marriage certificate is required then there are additional fees that can vary.