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What is Soul Retrieval?

We start out as a living vibrant symphony of light and in our journey, through life, we lose pieces of our personal music, our radiance, our soulfulness, our truth. With so many pieces missing, we lose our ability to get back into balance and harmony.

We shrink from ourselves and the world. We lose our sense of connection. We lose our fire. We are like a breathing spiral that has gotten stuck in the downward contractual movement, a wave frozen in some dream time-space. It is as if we are leaking energy into a time capsule of forgotten disowned pain. This can frequently appear to me or others as a past life or childhood scene. The energy that moves through this wondrous web of life that we are is separated off by the mind, through our beliefs and our thoughts. The tension between the thoughts and emotions literally create knots in the core of the body. You can almost see them in the picture to the right. We are at war with ourselves in our very core. The world around us will mirror this state. Many will blame the world for their state. But it is the self-created world within that determines the one without.

At some point we all get stuck. Life just seems to pile upon us. All those decisions we have made since infants to protect us from pain have succeeded so well that nothing can get in. We might look tired and worn out on the surface, but inside our disowned parts are in agony. This agony is often what brings us to our knees in search of help. But it also makes the true creator of the agony more active: the one who would be king and ruler: The mind/ego. this bundle of thoughts, thinking, and beliefs that we come to know as “me” and “I”. which then goes on to create “yours” and “mine”. Hell is the human mind split off from the grace of creation. The abandonment of the self, which is none other than the Great Self, the Great Spirit, is the abandonment of our own pain and so we experience this agony of separation and alienation.

Soul Journey is the reclamation of our soul’s music, radiance, and truth and teachings on presence with our soulfulness and its many reflections in the world of water, rocks, trees, and wind so that we can continue to radiate, to live and to speak our truth. As a soul dreamer, I dream the “forgotten energies”, bring the light and spirit to the imprisoned ones. I serve it up to you and then the choice rests with you . . . to love or not to love, to become the whole world without “right or wrong”, “bad or good” just life and energy. So this is an act of self-liberation that brings you back into the circle of oneness experientially.

So the soul, the great self, all that we are is not something that can be broken in pieces. But we can lose so much of the energy that comes from the source that our soul resides within that there can seem to be no one home. The hungry ghost of the pasts are the only inhabitants of the house that has become too frightening to live in. But fear not! This radiance that you see above is who you are always. Home is never lost.