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Healing Soul Pain

Freedom from Ancient Soul Pain and Suffering: Self Liberation

This is both an inner and outer journey. For the soul is not something to be restrained within a body. . . Unless of course, that is what you believe.

There will always be a pain in life but from our false beliefs about who we are come our suffering. This is for people who really desire to live their truth beyond belief. People who are desperate and lost and people who have already come a long way, who are right at the edge but can’t seem to get over it, can’t seem to reclaim that missing something. It’s for people who know the futility of using their mind to get out of the prison their mind has built for them. If you are going to free your soul, then you have to create a relationship with it by using its language: a vibrant, gutsy mythic language of E-Emotionally charged images: feeling images–not symbols that can be divorced from the soul’s landscape and defined and interpreted–soulful images that invite us to become them. And in becoming them, open the door into our personal mythic landscape.

Many of us get stuck in a false ground of suffering. Out of pain, our mind creates this suffering that actually blocks the experience of our true pain. You might spend years in psychotherapy and process work and never touch the core because you are too caught up in this inauthentic pain of the mind. But how do you get to this true pain? Which is really not painful in and of itself; it is the source of your power and fire and radiance. It’s the separation from our soulfulness, the self-suppression that is painful: a kind of soulful suicide.

But why do we do this to ourselves? Because most of us were never recognized as soulful spirits. We were parented and raised by people who also suffered from their own soul dis-ownment and suppression and we became the mirrors on which they projected this. If we wanted to be loved than we had to behave in a certain way. We couldn’t experience the anger that hid our hurt and fear if we wanted to get what we wanted which was to feel safe and secure and ultimately powerful once we realized we could manipulate the world using certain strategies.

So even as infants, our mind began the task of protecting us from all manner of perceived threats. Even the expression of our own emotions became threatening since it could deprive us of what we so desperately needed which was to be loved and accepted. So we hid from ourselves and became threatened from within and without and forgot who we were. A schizophrenic personality can portray this separating from the soul and the formation of a prison of personalities.

Life is not about feeling good all the time. It’s about being fully present with what is and letting everything in so that it can move through you. The nature of life is change and fluidity. And the extent to which you cling to permanence, security, stability is the extent to which you are committing soulful suicide and cannot be truly present in the world.

Life is the in and out of breathing: its up and down, its back and forth between pain and pleasure, order and chaos. We are spirals that flow up in an expansionary movement and wind down when we are in pain. And if we let ourselves move freely in both directions, we have joy in both our pain and pleasure. We are free because we are free of self-hate. But every time we have made a choice in our life to deny our truth, our pain, our soulfulness, we commit an act of self hate and interrupt the natural descending movement of the spiral until it can neither move up nor down. We can neither feel pleasure nor pain and consequently no joy. We may even find that we don’t even want to be here anymore.

The Soul Journey session provides immediate access to this lost world. The lost pieces of our personal symphony are mirrored to us in music of living images. A key is handed to the individual, but only they can make the choice to feel and open the door.