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What is The Soul Dreamer?

Sounding the soul

Every soul has a song it entered this life to sing.
The Soul Dreamer retrieves the lost music of this song by very literally giving it a voice, thus Sounding The Soul.

He enters the Dreambody which is as if another dimension whose substance is ethereal and psychic. Its the place where no thought and experience dies. The whole point of the dreaming is FREEDOM, freedom from the stories. Its as if the dreamer enters the persons dreambody space that is like a web of the soul stories that keep recycling.

It is like grabbing a golden thread that is spun from a soul’s vast experience as it weaves its way through time and space. There are many threads, each as if woven tightly around a core issue. Great amounts of energy become trapped in this web that is not unlike the inside of a baseball. The thread itself is made up of emotion, energy-in-motion, that has been rendered motionless by the glue of the mind that holds it all together. These tight balls can often be found in the body in the main energy centers. The soul dreamers’ action is to sound the soul and give voice to the thread of experience that has been immobilized through the minds disowning actions of judgment and denial, driven by unloved fear. Yes unloved fear. The Soul Dreamer is gathered the clients unloved emotions as if they were children abandoned in the dark. We must bring them into the light of love. That love is very simply relaxed breathing awareness without any attempt to “process”. This is the very essence of the Medicine of One and what is called “ the true action of Self-Love: being spacious to everything that moves inside of you. Being the sky to the weather. Freeing the elements. Space is the fifth element- love- in which all the other elements move. No space, no movement, no freedom, no song, out of harmony. The soul Dreamer dreams the client back into harmony by entering the chaos that is disharmony. ?

Love your fear and it can not drive you. It can not own you. What you disown, owns you. Push it away and it owns you with all that is held in its swirling grip.

This thread is like a driving melodic theme in a symphony on which everything hangs. The notes held captive in this frozen ball will be unavailable to that person in life. To sound the note and give voice to the pain, through my actual feeling / expressing both in voice and the context of a dream-like story is to send a kin vibration through that thread so that it may come trembling back to life. But the mental glue must also be softened. This means feeling/exposing the very strong mental force, like a person within the person, who has said NO! to this thread of experience for the sake of what it considered survival. This survival choice may have been true at one time. But now it is a choice of death over life. The reversal of this choice to the choice to open to all that you are and have ever been, the choice to embrace these imprisoned energies must be part of the intent that brings a person to me. It doesn’t matter if you come because of emotional pain or spiritual transformation. For how are they separate? The path is surrender and the commitment to find out “who am I?” It is not a surrender to me, but to the greatness of who you really are, to your living truth and deepest knowing.

Often in the ball of mental and emotional energy, the toxic energies of others can be trapped; rage, shame, fear… So in this sounding of the soul with the freeing of your own energies you are freed from the influence of others over you, past and present. But it is through the strengthening of your own symphonic light that what is not yours is returned to its owner. This is where what I do differs from many shamanic practices. I do not focus on extractions, parasites, possessions, etc. It’s not unlike healing the physical body when it is overcome by parasitical organisms. Focus on balance, harmony and it will lead to immunity and they will leave or their presence will no longer be on balance, harmony and it will lead to immunity and they will leave or their presence will no longer be harmful.

*Artist of the above painting is Patty Kay Hall and is called Clay Lomakayu Soul Dream.