Medicine of One Skype Sessions

I have been very successful using the virtual medium of Skype or other platforms like Zoom and Facetime to help people. Being able to see you allows for a greater wealth of information to become accessible to me.

It is best if there is a “want” that you have. A want for peace . . .. a want to trust more … to speak and live your truth, clarity, freedom. A Quality of being in the world that when you live and move in the world radiates out of you.

You may also be aware that something in your history is in the way, in the way you have survived to this point in time is blocking the way to what you want and you either can not seem to move through it . . . or after years of searching? you have come as far as you can through the other ways you have sought.

I am here to help you clear the way to your own truth. You hold the key. This is my service ~ to help you arrive at this center of the sacred Circle of your life where you trust with courage and faith and a sense of purpose and a sense of service to the world.


First, we need to establish the context in which we are working. This is the Medicine of One. I have many videos to help you understand this. Please scan through some of them if you have time. Once we establish what you want we will need to lay the groundwork/context that we are working in. It’s important that you feel a connection to me and the world of Medicine of One.

In this first session, you are an active participant. Please view the video below to get an idea of the kind of work we will be doing. Essentially, my question will be what is going on. What is the problem? What is the Story? Where are you stuck? I may use what I call primordial movements to help move things.

It is always about bringing you to a state of love for yourself and understanding what that is.


The other type of Skype session I offer is The Soul Journey/Soul Dreaming Session. This is optional and follows Shamanic Counseling During this session you are passive, and I dream for you.

“Imagine if someone could dream the elemental presence of ancient pains and thoughts, bring them forth for you to see them, embrace them, and liberate them, a kind of poem of the soul’s experience, woven with emotional images and sensory details. And then guide that soul back to its source. For some, it is a healing of ancient pain, for others an initiation. Or it can be a confirmation of a seed one feels budding from within, now brought forth as the flower of knowing. Whatever you carry within, that is what it is about. You may or may not know what that is.”

The intent is to clear old dreams/stories in order to plant the new dream. This is a feeling, vibrational journey through words, images, music, etc. Sometimes people simply don’t know why they want a session. Something in them is urging them to make contact. This is as good as any place to begin. “I don’t know” is sometimes a good place to start.

My intent is always to bring you into your own knowing. People ask for my help because they are stuck in a place they can’t seem to move out of or because they are in forward movement but something seems to be holding them back. I help clear the way so that clarity, peace, harmony, balance can be restored.

Shamanic Counseling $100/hr.

Soul Journey $175

​*Note: Using a cell phone is the least productive way for us to do this. The larger the screen through which you can connect to me the better. So ideally some form of laptop or computer is best. Also, it’s important to make sure the lighting is in front of you not behind you and that the camera is adjusted so you we look straight into each other’s eyes. Connection is the key.