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Soul Journey & Retrieval

What I do is extremely difficult to describe. This has always been my most difficult experience to put into words: The Soul Journey is a kind of Shamanic Conscious Dreaming which I do for you. There are many paths to approach it from, and it is not a static thing, as Clay shifts, it shifts. The turquoise links in this page will take you down some of these paths.

Imagine if someone could dream the elemental presence of ancient pains and thoughts, bring them forth for you to see them, embrace them, and liberate them, a kind of poem of the soul’s experience, woven with emotional images and sensory details. And then guide that soul back to its source. For some, it is a healing of ancient pain, for others an initiation. Or it can be a confirmation of a seed one feels budding from within, now brought forth as the flower of knowing. Whatever you carry within, that is what it is about. You may or may not know what that is. For some on their first visit, it is about moving through a barrier of fear in their journey to the mystery. Then, next time they come back, we might have to spiral downward into a traumatic moment that echoes through lifetimes, a kind of time capsule . . . frozen, forgotten, and disowned. Soul retrieval is a component of what We are doing. But it is far more than that.

I perform the action of the gatherer of what has been lost, “The Forgotten Ones”. I give voice to what has not been allowed to speak, live the unlived, a Sounding Of The Soul. You, effortlessly, as a still pool of water, receive it as the void from which it was created, allowing the soul’s energy-language of sound and image, of tone and color, of fire, air, earth, and water to move, so that it may cycle back into the earth. The old forgotten dreams of pain are lived and freed and a new dream of peace, harmony, and beauty is set in motion. I, as the Soul Dreamer, plant a new DREAM that is born from within YOU. And you as the action of breathing, receiving, surrendering to the movement of your own truth come home to your song. I serve it up to you and then the choice rests with you . . . to LOVE or not to love, to become the whole world without “right or wrong”, “bad or good” just Life and Energy. So this is an act of self-liberation, “Hanta Yo, Clearing The way”, that brings you back into the CIRCLE dreaming of oneness, the Medicine Of One, experientially.

We are all part of the human web of life and the greater web. Just because you have pain there is nothing wrong with you. Think of it as a falling out of balance, harmony, and beauty. What you have fallen out of is your knowing. So receiving the gift is an act of remembrance. To remember that you are this Medicine Of One. I use music to support the journey. The session and introductory talk before the session are burned on a CD which you receive. This is for your continued use.

It has been my honor to serve many beautiful people. Many of whose journey through life had caused them to become blind to their own Beauty. And others who were about to make a bold step in their life and just needed more certain clarity. You can read some of their comments if you like.

Painting by BearCloud.

Gracious Gratitude Of Beautiful People

It is my deepest prayer and intention to empower you. Getting you to trust the voice within. This is about healing, empowerment, and movement. Or call it love, light, and power. People do have profound experiences because of their readiness. It is not my medicine. I just get to be the hollow bone the spirit of one comes singing through. And the more you can listen with all your being, the more you receive the gift. What I do is in the tradition of Shamanism. So I have the label Shaman, Soul Dreamer, Healer, etc. There is a Celtic tradition that describes a similar kind of dreaming Medicine Man. He was known as a Filidh. These are just labels that in the circle are meaningless. I am what I am, quite simply.

Sedona is a place that helps you receive the gift. Every experience works with the others to deepen and empower the movement that you are seeking. They are all greatly enriched by Sacred Soul Time on the land. I do many of the personal Bare Bones Retreat and Vision Quest with people. The Soul Journey is fundamental to these experiences. For those seeking dramatic movement in their life, I strongly recommend one of these combinations.

Soul Journey & Retrieval

$175 per session / Up to 1 1/2 hours

Session and talk / teachings are digitally recorded and provided for continued use.