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Testimonials, Feedback & Comments

For Clay Lomakayu Miller

I have seen many many wonderful people during the past 25 years from all over the world. Did I say 25 years? I did indeed. There have been many hundreds of people who have journeyed here from Australia, Japan, Russian, Denmark, Holland, England, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia . . . I can not name them all. We are all the same and what blocks our way is the same.
Thank you


The Gratitude is Mine

My work with people has taught me more than I ever dreamed of. There would be no Medicine of One without the earnest commitment and surrender of my clients, many who have evolved into friends. Here on this page, you see their many thanks. And I receive their gratitude and send it back many fold. My time with clients is a sacred intimate time. True intimacy (into-me-you-see). For whatever I have asked of anyone I stand with them ready to do myself. When we stand together in the circle of the Medicine of One we share REAL time that is timeless. I am honored by their words of gratitude and recognition.

In truth whatever gift they take home with them has been delivered from within themselves. In truth whatever happens, happens by us, myself included getting out of the way. It comes through me and not by me. And that is the greatest thing I have learned. How to get out of the way. Here are just a few of the wonderful testimonials from the shamanic counseling and healing, soul journey sessions land journeys, retreats, and Vision Quests.  I am constantly humbled. In no way do I take credit for the gifts that people receive. They graciously call me a shaman but rather let me be called nothing or just Lomakayu which means “everything finished well”

Thanks to the many folks who have gifted me with their presence.

“Clay does amazing work! I can’t thank him enough for the Vision Quest! His Soul Journey at the beginning of the Vision Quest for me was incredibly insightful…even quoting words from a childhood tormentor without any sharing by me about that situation or the words. He is very direct, makes no pretense and is honest. His combination of techniques is unique and nuanced. I have shared my session with my therapist and she was floored by how useful the work had been. If you are coming to do some real work, then Clay is highly recommended. He is the real deal. I am sincerely grateful for knowing him.”

William Walker Bird

Bird Law Firm

“Hi Clay!
I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU for such a remarkable Soul Journey with you! It was life-changing!”

John Weiss

ZABBA Creations

“It all started with a “knowing” when I saw a picture of you. That was the start of an amazing journey that would lift me higher than I could ever imagine. We went to the circle in early May.”

Cindy Wells


“It has been just over one month since our trek out on to the land of Arizona. I have had much to integrate and just Be with and now the words are surfacing. Firstly, I wanted to thank you again for all that you brought to that day out on the land. I also appreciated having your dogs present as they provided a beautifully balanced energy. Thanks to that day and opening to a shift, I was presented with warrior energy – an aspect of myself – that I recognize now works hand in hand with limitations in my life. I also recognize that to ‘balance’ that energy, I unconsciously compromise myself. It is a powerful and beautiful gift to see this all so clearly. Now I can begin to consciously allow that part of me to shift, change, soften so as to embrace All of Life and choose/create differently in my life.

I loved hearing your Arizona song again. It truly touches the heart.”

Gratitude, again, to you Clay and all that You Are,

Kristin Greekis

“I want to let you know how very powerful your journey into me was and is for me, and how much I appreciate your doing it for me! The way you expressed my life-long, mostly suppressed, rage and heart-searing pain were so familiar to me that I know you were right on target. I have very rarely allowed myself to express anything like what you did – I have mostly held it in. But you expressed how it feels and has felt inside of me.

I listened to the recording on the drive back to Sedona, and it elicited from me many tears… but I could not really go with it while driving. I listened to it once again with headphones while in my hotel room in Sedona, but again I was not in a location where I could let the emotions come out while listening to it, because I knew it would be loud!

But I am now home, and I listened to it yesterday, pausing at certain points because I had more to say and release before moving into the next phase on the recording. It is so very powerful for me… it gives me permission to express that deep pain, anger, and sorrow more powerfully and freely than I have ever been able to before! And I thank you so very much for that! I have already recommended you to a couple of friends, one of whom lives in Phoenix and comes to Sedona frequently. I will continue to do so, too, because I really believe in what you do! I tell them that you are “the real deal!”
So, thanks again, Clay, for your assistance to me… I appreciate it immensely!”

Peace to You!

Andrew Hite

“Hi Clay,
I am back in Phoenix after the most incredible experience that I could have ever imagined. I truly feel changed. Lighter in a sense that I am no longer carrying around so much, the spinning and fearful thinking. I listened to the “dream/journey” on my drive back south and I am so thankful to have these CDs to reconnect with and continue to develop into my true self. It’s difficult to find the words to let you know how much my time with you in Cottonwood has meant to me. The words I type here simply cannot do it justice. I know this is just the beginning of my life and I thank you for what you allowed me to see.”

Warm wishes,

Michele Andrilite

“It’s been a few weeks since I met you. I want to thank you for the gifts and tools of the journey. Each day, I make use and increase my ability to stand still and allow emotions and experiences to wash through and around and within me instead of flinching and/or running. I am finding my voice and allowing it, enabling the power of “Stop” within me. And as a result, I’m finding moments of such peace and allowing. There are moments when I am fully “Jo” and that feeling fills me experience entirely. It is quite lovely.”

Thank you,


I saw the TV episode of the, Duchess of York, Sara Ferguson’s journey to find herself where she spent some time with you. I was so moved by the amount of presence you held and how you conveyed that lesson to her by the clarity of knowing who you are so that she could learn who she is. I kept playing it over and saying “I want that, I want that clarity!”
I have been doing a sort of search of my own in realizing that at 52 and pursuing something that I thought I wanted and completing it, I wasn’t happy and I didn’t know who I was. I was in a relationship that was and is, not only unsatisfying but learned in my quest, that I had to shut myself down in order to survive within it. In this 52nd year, a host of health issues landed and I literally and figuratively felt like I was dying.

The paragraph above, I recognize, is filled with self-doubt at asking for what I want. I get scared when I think I could be rejected, but the truth is that the work you did with Sara touched me at my core. And it is important to me to say that to you. Living in northern California, I have always been leery of people who call themselves shaman, but I believe that is exactly who you are – one who knows – and who I am as well. I just need some reminding.”
With great respect,

Philly Lauren

“Dear Clay:
Once again the magic of Arizona has touched us. My daughter, Michaela, and I came home still filled with the power of the circle. But I think the most powerful moment for me (and there were many) was during a moment of powerlessness. How often is that paradox true? I was feeling dizzy on our climb and sat down. The altitude, sun, exertion, and yes, my age (I’m 73 after all), it had all taken their toll, and I put my head between my knees to get back from the edge. When I opened my eyes, the face of Hanta Yo was all I could see. He had come very close to me and just stood there, as still as a being can be. This wonderful animal stayed there and didn’t move until I felt better and was ready to go on. The vision of his face has come back to me more times than I can tell you. And you, too, were there, standing above us, also in total stillness. I felt something powerful had happened, but as you so often say, it was The Mystery, and I accept it as such, needing nothing more.

I find myself in the unenviable position once again of trying to find words to thank you for that day on the rock and for showing us the Shaman’s Cave. My daughter and I will never forget it. Thank you for trusting us enough to take us there. I know what it is like, now, too, to have total trust in another human being. I did as you asked: I followed your feet, I didn’t look down, and I didn’t stop. I knew we would be all right. There was no doubt, no fear, no hesitation, and no question that we would do it. This, too, is a lesson I have taken back. Last year, you lifted grief from my heart. This year, you filled it with Mystery. I thank Spirit for these gifts, and for you and your gifts. Our writing continues now, as we are more open and trusting. May all blessings come to you, good health be yours, and thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Helen Delaney

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the amazing day we had with you during are recent trip to the Sedona area. Both Nikki and I had very different experiences on the day but equally incredible and soulful. For me this has opened up a new avenue to my greater spiritual understanding and look forward to coming back, which is without a doubt a must-do! I’m sure I’ll speak to you again to arrange another day once I book some dates for my return trip, maybe next year.”

For Now, take care, all the best, all the best,


“I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to let you know that I listened to my soul talk for the fourth time this weekend and I can honestly say I now resonate more with the end of my dream. I am strength! Thank you. I don’t know exactly how the Medicine of One works, but I know it does. You have helped heal my soul. I only wish that one day I can do for others what you have done for me. For the first time in a long time, I feel peace inside. This has helped me make difficult decisions gracefully.

In just three weeks, I have decided to divorce my husband and we have begun this process. It is hard, but I know it is right for me and for us. I feel so much better and healthier. My stomach problems have disappeared. I know that once I get through this challenging time, I will be filled with joy. Part of me already is. My life has changed drastically and I thank you for helping me open this new door in my life.”

The mystery in me honors the mystery in you!
Say hi to your canine companions for me (Honta Yo!).
Best wishes,


“Hi Clay,
I just wish to take this moment while I am between flights waiting in LA to thank you for the two days I spent with you. I have been to so many healers, learned so many different healing modalities with no one even getting close to the source of the issue. Then there was you, within seconds straight to the source of this life-crippling emotion from a past time and life.
But not only accessing the true issue but on the second day, you managed to melt the ice that this was frozen in and we broke through. I am more grateful to you than these words could ever imagine. If I ever come back to the US you will be the first person I will be seeing. I felt this issue was holding me back in all areas of my life and now I feel like I have been set free in mid-flight like an eagle flying high. Interesting how just before the session at the circle yesterday we had the grace of the beautiful eagle, I think that was a definite sign of things to come for me. You are truly amazing and you have an amazing gift.”
In Grace and Gratitude always,

Brad Strickland

“Though I have just arrived home to VA and need to get some rest, I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the opportunity to work with you. It was truly an honor, and you are greatly appreciated. Your capacity to flow with me. and most assuredly to ” flow me into” new places with new experiences. was phenomenal.”

Thank you for sharing your gifts, skills, and self with me. Be well,


It’s taken a while to integrate and fully understand what I took from my 2 days with you in July. I came to the US on a quest to understand my soul purpose and to let go of the shadow aspects of myself that no longer served but were still holding on tight. I had expectations that perhaps someone was going to solve it all for me but that was not the case. I had been through intense shamanic journeys and extractions in Ireland over the last year that had left my soul so confused like it no longer wanted to be here and the grief of past pain was so intense I felt I couldn’t understand anything.

I had been denying my gifts and personal power for so long and was angry that you could not “solve” it for me. How Grateful my heart and soul is now that you helped me gain perspective again and stood back to allow me to claim myself, my personal power, and my gifts. Looking outside of myself for someone to help and powerlessness has been the central theme of my life-the the greatest gift you facilitated for me was to “see” that, finally. Hanta yo, particularly, accessed and began to heal a place inside of me no-one has ever touched. The deep emotional wounds of the female aspect that have never allowed male energy to penetrate were melted by his presence….Cheyenne came to me when I needed her most to help heal the rejected feminine aspect within that also was so deeply wounded and hidden away in fear. I love both of them and send an abundance of gratitude & love to both of them forever part of my heart.

I continued my travels after that time with you up to Hopi and had the most profound experiences there. I visited many of the ancestral Puebloan sites in Arizona/Colorado & New Mexico and all had a deep and lasting effect on me which have awakened many more gifts from the Great Spirit. More profound and challenging experiences in Colorado on an intense 9 day sound healing intensive where I really had to stand in my own strength – all my issues were challenged there and I was given no other option but to own my strength and trust myself! You had advised me about Sedona and the red rocks and I now know what you meant. I had quite an awakening there and it took a while to come back from it. Many, many lessons!

I knew I was on a life changing journey when I came over…I was brought to the dark night of the soul after my course and broke through; I was scheduled to go home but Great Spirit had other plans and I committed to staying on and I was led to the most magical and blessed time of my life. I am back in Ireland a couple of weeks and I have been blessed with abundant creativity; inspiration and a much clearer map of where I am going. I plan to be back in the states later in the year as everything is guiding my back! I will also be back in Cottonwood to do some healing work with a Friend late November for a few weeks.
Thank you Clay for your gentleness; discernment and empowering presence. Your integrity and humility make you shine and blessed are all beings who come into contact with you.”

My heartfelt love and blessings from the Emerald Isle,

Elaine X


“My daughter, Michaela, and I took a soul journey with you a little over two weeks ago. It was a profound, life-altering experience, one for which I will always be grateful. Both of us have felt the great change it brought about. We are lighter, literally. You released a great deal of grief for me, grief that has been with me since my husband died last August. I wasn’t even aware of the depth of it until you lifted it out of my soul, like birds flying into the sky. That was the image.

The dreaming you did for both of us – which defies all description – has affected my work as a writer. My son died over 30 years ago, and I have been writing a book, no, channeling a book (but that’s another story) for people who have lost loved ones. My husband’s death, ironically enough, happened as I was just about half-way through. All this year, I’ve struggled to put my mind back into it, and let the writing continue, and it has been like a dripping faucet, a little here, a little there. Since coming back from Arizona, though, the channel has opened. I am writing again. I am sure now that the book will be finished. The book is my purpose – the purpose you talked about but had no way of knowing, the purpose that can be fulfilled now because the pain that blocked it has been removed. I will never stop missing my husband or being sad when I think of his sickness and the end of his journey, but that is quite a different feeling. It is not blocking, stifling pain.

I have listened to the disk you prepared, but only once. It was like taking the journey again. I’m glad I have it because I will most certainly listen to it from time to time when the soul needs a little boost. There are no adequate words to thank you for this great gift. I had to try, though, because you should know the blessed effects of your journeys on all the people you help. Please add me to the long list of people whose lives you have changed, people who are eternally grateful they came to Arizona and to you. May the Great Spirit bless you and your work.”

Gratefully yours,

Helen Delaney

“Dear Clay
More than one week is already gone since I was in the circle and it is still like a miracle. I feel a peace and strength inside of me I have never experienced so far. Each and every day I detect new facets of the soul journey, which I have overheard/overseen (with my right side) and which inspires me to continue my integration. Here at Stinson Beach, I have long walks along the beach early in the morning when there are no people around me. It is like a meditation, walking helps me to connect with my inner voice, my soul to continue the path I have started with you. I am much more open to what is around me, the sun, the wind, different smells from beautiful flowers. I can enjoy these moments when I am standing, sitting somewhere on my own, just being there, breathing, without letting my thoughts already move on to next day’s meetings, work to be done, etc. To observe and be aware of my thoughts in different moments was a very helpful hint from your side.

I am still wondering: what is the difference you have made because I knew all this before, but was not really able to change it? Through your work, the night in the circle with thunderstorms, rain, and wind, I am now able to face my fears. I have not only lost my fear of highs but also my fear to be out on a boat. Due to my sudden loss of hearing, I have a disturbance of equilibrium so going out on a boat trip is usually something I try to avoid. Not Thursday night – I enjoyed being out in the bay in a little boat without clinging to a seat. I felt the waves, the breeze, the salt in the air and was absolutely relaxed.

Yesterday I said to Mario, it is the first time since I learned reading that I do not keep my mind busy with reading, reading, reading. Sometimes it was like a drug, instead of sitting, watching, listening to what was going on within me, around me, I had my nose in books describing the lives of others. Their fears, aspirations, their connections, etc. That seemed to be easier than being in touch with me-although I had the perception that I was in good contact with me, although I have spent many times in coaching and reflection sessions. But these sessions did not touch my soul. I could talk about my fears, could analyze them, could develop strategies on how to cope with them but in the end, I did not change.

But these are more the obvious, eye-catching moments of change. Most important to me is my new approach towards me, to my own needs, the understanding of the various parts within me. I am so grateful for your support, you have given me space and time I needed for my development /integration. Instead of intellectually understanding the world around me, I could gain a new form of understanding, by listening to my inner voice, observing my breath, being aware when my resistance emerges … It was all there, but I did not trust my intuition, I did not trust because I feared I might lose control. You showed me that I can trust because you trusted me. You demonstrated that it is possible to be nonjudgmental and caring – and still giving direct instructions, guidance when it was needed.

Clay, it was a rich and deep experience working with you, you have enabled me to move forward and I am still moving.”

Much love for today,


“Dear Clay,
Mere words do not express the profound gratitude that I have for both you and your work. I have never felt the commitment of any healer the way I felt yours. Your focus was on our work at hand 100% of the time and that was powerful for me as well as being a good lesson. Most of all, it made a powerful difference in the outcome of our daily sessions. Your focus kept me focused and that ultimately intensified the magical energy of the four days to create some beautifully magic moments. The Shamans, Faeries, and Kachinas were out en force sprinkling their wonder everywhere we went. Your attention to detail was remarkable in creating a holistic healing experience. Thank you for all of the gentle extra touches of caring to create a magnificent experience for me. Nothing went unnoticed even if I was not eloquent about everything I sensed.

Your peaceful and loving spirit permeated the time I spent with you which created the space for me to “return home” to the “land” that my soul has longed to return to all of my life. I have wondered whether those who continue to migrate out there for the same thing are part of a mass spirit migration back to the homeland. I call it a “soul delivery” as opposed to “soul retrieval” and thank you for that, by the way. Several have worked on retrieving that piece before, but you helped me to create a safe enough state of being to help her feel safe. I so appreciated the help and company of Hanta Yo and Cheyenne. They greeted me lovingly and put me at ease immediately. It was actually Hanta Yo whose keen intuition guided him to facilitate and accompany me on my “journey home”…to hold that space and be the energy of the “ones left behind” so I could access that emotion of love and grief at the same time. His cuddling opened that soft side space in my heart that has been closed too long. The part that opens to life…to step out of the harsh darkness and into the “soft, pink, fleshy” ( your words on the CD) warmth of the heart. Dogs don’t reject and for that hold that place of “loyalty” as part of their totem energy. I felt it coming through him…a direct channel for the reconnection with the gentility of mother earth…the longing for the sacred connection between human and nature long since lost…the softness of mother earth…the shamanic path…it was all there in that moment…with you mourning tenderly on your flute…bringing life to spirit…giving life to the land…singing the song of death… the death of the land and those who loved it…the way of life that lived as one. It was all there at that moment…like magic…and with the help of all those in the unseen world that help and guide us I was transported to a place I needed to go with both of you guiding me…carrying my soul…on the wings of lost time…a tune…a tear…a traversing of the intermediary realm on behalf of all those who are still looking to find their way home…a beacon now to shine out and point the way…the way home. continued . . .”

Patty Hall

“Dear Clay,
Please allow me to share…
Sunday morning I went downstairs to find a bird in my kitchen banging against the window trying to get out. I knew this was a powerful message but I wasn’t sure what it was. I ‘spoke’ to the bird and said, “it’s okay, follow me and I’ll lead you out”. I walked over to the door, opened it and the bird flew onto my screened porch…I then walked over to that door, opened it and the bird flew out – it knew instinctively where to go. This morning in my quiet time, I understood the meaning. Like the bird, I have been trapped in a place that I knew, as beautiful as it is, is not my home. I could see where I was supposed to be and kept trying to get there but kept banging into the window (the window being many teachings that taught me to fear the mystic experiences that I was meant to live, understand and then teach). I could not understand why God would lead me 2000 miles away to you until I realized that it was you who came and opened up the door. All I had to do was ‘fly out.’

Helen Keller was a brilliant woman who was born deaf, dumb, and blind…trapped in a prison without any way to express the beauty that was within. Enter Anne Sullivan Macy and that breakthrough moment when she held Helen’s hand under the water pump and spelled w-a-t-e-r. Helen UNDERSTOOD and her whole world opened up! She was finally free.

The other night I traveled through a great white light, and was with my son who is in jail, only in the cosmos – we were both energy. This was not something I have ever experienced, nor was I seeking; it just happened at lightning speed, and it scared me(!)…yet I knew it was real. I have begun reading books by people who have walked a mystical life, trying to understand my own experiences…from the time I was a little child, I would sit quietly and ‘listen’ to God. I came home to now listen closely to the teachings found in the wind, the animals and birds of the air. I’ve begun to trust that inner voice that speaks my truth, and opened up to God in a way that I’ve been taught was wrong, but now know that those teachings were wrong. Clay, I feel like you put my hand under the water pump and spelled out f-r-e-e-d-o-m and I thank you.”

God Bless,


“Morning Clay
My heartfelt thanks to you, somehow these words just don’t seem to hold the depth of the gratitude that I feel for what you offered our group and the process you took each of us through.

This is our last day here until Sept. We are bringing a group back around the 21st Sept. It was an absolute honor to meet you, share conversations with you, and to allow us to trust you and the work you do. I hope we can work together again in Sept and perhaps do some more with you. You ‘nailed’ each person, and the transformation they all went through after their stay here in Sedona was almost ‘a miracle for them.”



I just want to comment on what you said about overcoming attachment in this life…for life can seem painful when we lose the ones we love. I have been sad about losing my dad my whole life. He has MS, diabetes, just had a 5 artery bypass a few years ago, you name it…
I often think about losing him and the pain seems unbearable…like I couldn’t go on in this life. I remember when he had his heart attack I was so fragile…I really do not know how I could have taken losing him at that period in my life. I just received word from my mum tonight that he is in the hospital…blood pressure is out of control and he is just too weak to walk anymore. I feel at this moment that I am so much stronger now…like I know I need to be strong for my own health and the wellbeing of my sister and mom. I know in my heart that my dad is tired..and ready to leave very soon. I know he will go back to the beauty before he came…and will be surrounded by all he loves.
I suppose I am afraid of the unknown…of not knowing what my life will be like when my beloved dad is not on this plane anymore. I am also afraid that he will move onto another life before I can see him again… all these fears stem from attachment. But I feel that I am not as fearful as I used to be…I know now that this life is just the beginning. Your existence has really given me so much hope and such a feeling of peace. Thank you for your work and your healing hands…you inspire me to unlock my own potentials. This life is a mystery for me…I’m learning how to finally feel with my heart..and simply be…”



“Hello Clay
I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to write my entire Thank You as things are still composing and energy is on a continuous shift since our time together which is all very good, very positive, extremely eye-opening and even fun really as there is not only a smile in my heart but peace. There really is no telling when it will all come together in a complete circle but I am definitely enjoying the journey that it has me on. It’s much like a storytelling really. It’s not like a bunch of thoughts all going on in my head with nowhere else to go but rather it’s that feeling, you know, the one we focused on that I so desperately needed … within and from the heart.

Everything is very clear, no fuzz, no confusion, nothing that feels unnecessary or angry either and what’s nice is it comes as a flow like walking along the river, not like a downpour all over the place without direction.

And I smile every time I think that ‘I’ actually spent time with huge dogs and felt very at ease and comfortable with their presence and friendship. WOW!!!

So much has really come to light even though I haven’t exactly detailed them here for you, somehow I believe that you know anyway 🙂

Thank You for all that you provided, all that you exposed me to, most of which was ME and Thank You for the gift of yourself!”



“Hello Mr. Clay,
I want to take a “STILL MOMENT” to thank you for the time we recently spent together. My Soul has never known such Peace!!! Words could never describe the 3-day journey Kathleen and I took with you and your four-legged Spirit Guides, Cheyenne and Hanta Yo. So many things are happening within My Circle…CONSTANT MOVEMENT AND I LOVE IT!!! It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING the way in which Kathleen and I took separate journeys, but yet you allowed US to journey as ONE!!! I have re-experienced My Journey with You daily and will continue to do so…IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED IN MY 44 YEARS!!! Thank you, Sir and I look forward to the day our paths cross again!!!

I just want you to know that I cry…I should say my soul cries with joy on a daily basis since meeting you and your guides. Not sure how to explain it or if I even need to…All I know is that it is a feeling inside that I like and only experienced during certain situations. NOW ALL I DO IS GO TO MY SOUL, THINK OF OUR TIME TOGETHER AND THE TEARS START TO FLOW…I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!”

Thank you, Clay!!!

Michael aka “The Little One”

“Please forgive me that this email is arriving so long overdue after my visit to Sedona, but I want to thank you so much for that most wonderful spiritual journey through the sacred land of that red rock region. I jotted down a few thoughts on it and I’ve been so meaning to send this to you.

The first moments of lying on the rocks by the river was most therapeutic. I didn’t tell you, but that morning and for a few days prior I had such pain in my back whenever I would breathe, and as soon as I got up from the rocks and we left that area, the pain was TOTALLY GONE!!!!

Also, both my feet/ankles were sort of ‘sprained’ stemming from an incident that occurred a few days before leaving on my trip … that also disappeared!!!

And, as a matter of fact, for the duration of my vacation, all pain ceased. It never returned. Because as I said, when I left New York I was really in a very fra-a-agile physical state … and that whole feeling of frailty just disappeared. It was really magical.

Somehow, I knew this would happen … and lying in that red rock water hole gave my body such a boost of energy!!! I mean, when we climbed to the top and into that elevated cave, I was shocked at the ease of which I was climbing on those rocks … no foot pain, no nothing!!!

But my most favorite part of it all was the songs … especially the one at the four directions — that was a very beautiful song!!!! (And thank you for that photo you sent of my standing in that area!) I wanted to join you in one of the songs, but I didn’t verbalize any of this to you, because I do have this “thing” with speaking … of being sort of ‘afraid’ to speak …”

But thank you so-o-o-o-o much!!!!!!


Oh, and I loved the doggies.!!!

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was visiting with Marian and Gary last week at Western Spirit Ranch, and you performed a session on me and the other guest, Charlene. I wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate you performing the session on me. I feel lighter, and the stress of my current situation has let up significantly since. I have listened to the recorded session a number of times since returning home, and each time I feel more at peace.

Again, thank you very much for the session. It was something that I was very much looking forward to during my trip, and it was a very spiritual moment for me. I can’t thank you enough. I will be sure to contact you for another session the next time I am in the Sedona area; and I do plan to return. The area and the spirit there is amazing. I have been checking out your website, and would very much like to see you again.”

Thank you so much,

Dave Bartlett

“Clay, I have returned home and I have many changes occurring in my life, I feel so blessed to have met you and the work we did together will continue to inspire and support me. Your loving and honest support was such a blessing. Your integrity and the beautiful spirit leaves an energy that heals and I am grateful I made the time to come and do my inner work with you. May the spirit continues to guide you as you lead people to re-remember their true Self and live a life of purpose. Sincerely, With Love and Light,”

Thank you so much,


P.S. Thanks for the pictures.

“Hi Clay,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work that you did with me over the last few days. It really is amazing the difference that it is and will make to me. I am now back in Kansas City and will see how things unfold.”

All the very best,


Thank you so much for helping me with my son’s initiation into manhood. Your ceremony has had a profound impact on him. He is taking the circle of responsibility and awareness seriously and acting more like a young man. I will be working closely with him to guide him on his journey and would like to come out again later in the year (possibly late summer early fall) for another visit. I have included a couple of photos for you of Maxx and myself as well as a shot of you for your records.”


“Greetings Clay, I had to take a moment to send you gratitude. I marvel how gentle, and joyous my life has become. There has been such a shift of energy around everything I do. And the beauty that comes with ease. If you ever wonder, don’t… blessings to you for finding your path and having the strength to stay on it so that your light shines on others so that we too can join you on the magic carpet of life…

I finally got my computer and camera to join forces and have attached a few shots for you. Hugs to Cheyenne and Hanta Yo, my friends.”

I send you gratitude in a breath to the sky knowing it will arrive in the wind to you,

Kristi Hughes

“Dear Clay,
We want to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you and Spirit today. The places that were shown to you and nurtured by you were simply amazing. Thank you for the work you did developing the circles and for sharing them with us. The views, the energy, the experiences…. amazing.

Speaking for myself…. more often than not an experience such as this comes to me over time. Although I know what I came away with today I have yet to know what it will mean to me in retrospect. I can tell you that your heart circle and it’s location meant more to me than I could explain in mere words. I experienced and important energy shift that I know will effect a particular area of my life.

Jim felt honored to have been with you. Your serene nature was welcoming and comfortable. The beauty of this area is indescribable. It’s understandable why you would make Arizona your home.

It was wonderful to spend time with you, Chyanne and Haunta (sp? on both).”


Lois & Jim

“Dear Clay Miller:
Thank you so very much for helping me on my journey through this lifetime of mine.

I’ve met lots of people in my life and I consider a few of them friends. But, of those, only a few are considered authentic remarkable connected Higher Beings. You are one of those few. I admire your vast realm of knowledge, your magic way, your inner peace, and your ability to touch others. You have provided guidance and support when we were unsure of which path to take. And perhaps above all, you believed in us. Thank you for your Magic and the change you already help us to begin in us.

In all the exercises we did outdoors or in your place were awesome magic and cleansing for all of us, I appreciate your steady attention and encouragement, how you speak or explain in images our fears and worries, how you model being in the present moment, and the breadth of wisdom and information that you share with all us, it was exactly the advice we long for in that moment. Thank God for being part of our Life, and thanks to Hanta Yo this remarkable spirit for cleansing the way.

The most important realization that I have had through your advice is that I can do something about negative patterns. I have control in my reactions; I can reduce fears, and can change how I relate to my life, though my Higher Self and my Soul. It is a continuous improvement in my life.
Clay I bless you for being part of our spiritual path and for making these changes with love in all of us.”

Send you lots of Hugs and lots of Love,

Tere Sanchez

“Hi Clay,
Well, here we are back in the cold and snowy weather. It’s actually a lot warmer than it was when we left.

I just wanted to let you know that I so appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I truly felt your genuine and authentic desire to be present and of help to me during our sessions.

I am already putting into practice the things you taught me (breathing and allowing the movement of my feelings!).

I feel such a strong and emotional bond to you since meeting you. You have helped me in ways that no one else has ever been able to do. I had such a hard time understanding some of the things you were trying to explain to me but it finally clicked and I understood things in a way I had never been able to understand them before. I was always so caught up inside my mind and trying to figure things out intellectually, believing that if I can understand it on a mental level, I could implement it on a spiritual and emotional level. NOT THE CASE!!! ha..ha..ha..

I don’t know how it happened but I finally was able to bring things down from my head into my heart and understand it from a place much deeper than my mind. It became a “knowingness” or a “beingness” instead of just knowledge! It’s hard for me to explain it to you – but I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that my path brought me to you.

I am in the midst of planning a one year trip to Ghana, Africa with my daughter Natasha. It’s a huge undertaking that requires so much planning, but I am so excited about it also. I will be volunteering at an orphanage there. I will keep in touch with you no matter where I end up.

Thanks again for being so generous with your Self and your rocks!!”

I’m sending you lots of warm feelings, along with a great big hug,


“Clay, Fran, and I got home last night and I just had to stop, before I return to the corporate world tomorrow, to thank you. I am feeling the changes happen within me, what a journey. Fran and I have processed and laughed about our journey with you with great joy. It was SO much fun. (She came to some very real awareness yesterday before we parted and went back to our own lives/homes.) There just aren’t words that can express the gratitude… for just you being you. 🙂 I could be who I am without holding back and you gently pushed me to do something I never thought I’d ever do…” hang off the side of a mountain.” AND without a rope!!! That was for Shaman!!!! 🙂 To be able to blend into the earth and sky in AZ and thank Creator for my many blessings was a dream come true for me…to have Cheyenne and Shaman with us was just TOO wonderful to be true. What would we do without the 4 legged? And thank you for letting me “vibrate” all that my energy body wanted to. Gratitude…. Fran and I also talked about how beautiful your boundaries were with us… so intuitive, precise, sensitive, impeccable… and then Fran said, “soft”… and so it was…

I want to share with you, since we saw a coyote in a place where you’d never seen one before on Monday, that we saw one in Sedona later that very same day. And then on Wednesday, when we were on a tour in the Grand Canyon, we saw a fox…..the guide said he’d never seen one there before. I thanked Creator over and over. Also, after experiencing the elements all day Monday with you, in the mountains/hills, we went to Jerome for lunch and as we drove home it started to snow… in Sedona. Do you know what that meant to us?

I bought your “Do you have a vision” CD and to be truthful I am just amazed and SO comforted. Now I have a CD with beautiful music to inspire me… it is everything I believe in—everything. In the past, I have had a few precious books to hold close to me (at times keeping them with me 24hrs a day to comfort me.) as I move on this incredible journey that I have been blessed with.

(For so long “alone” but I think I told you I had been blessed with 2 teachers, from England, that are right there with me.) I love music and I am VERY selective with what I listen to so your CD is another blessing to me. I have laughed out loud as I hear you say the words… things I so deeply believe in and try to “live” but I am sure you understand that there just aren’t many folks I can talk to about it… And so I thank you again Clay. (You didn’t have any flute CD’s when we were there so I’ll be sending a check for it this week.)

I will be back in August so I look forward to experiencing Arizona again with you. I’ll book some time as soon as I get the dates pinned down with my other friends I will be traveling with this time.

The joy I feel tonight is just overwhelming.”


With sincere appreciation and a wish that your life continues to be richly blessed,


I am feeling the need to express my gratitude to you for being of the highest integrity. I have recently been working through and processing on a deep level my role as the Seductress in my life and how that has played itself out. I invite you if you are so inclined to read my blog about it.

This morning I’ve been reflecting on the men and spiritual teachers in my life that we’re able to be with my ways of seduction and show no reaction whatsoever to them, nor sit in judgment of them. There have been few in my life that have been able to neither do one or the other but you and one other spiritual teacher in Phoenix came to mind as the two men that I can remember who has been in highest integrity with me always. For me, this has come to be such a healing thing to have called to me those two friendships and teacher-student relationships that have formed such an integral part of my healing. Recently I have been exposed to a teacher who was not in this integrity however see it for the gift that it was in exposing the secrecy and the depth of why I do what I do. It has been a life-changing evolution that has come forth through this coupled with the intense inner work I’ve been doing for many years. I am so grateful to have found assistance through people like you that have helped me to release what no longer served me and to come to a deeper place of self-love and acceptance.

As I move deeper into embracing the Divine Feminine it is important to me to really look deeply into all aspects of my life and patterns as well as acknowledge the people that have been wonderful gifts to me on all levels. It is a wonderful feeling to be moving through these pieces finally after all this time and embracing my life’s work….in assisting women to come to peace with their own seductress or madonna and to come to wholeness in the divine feminine.

I bow to you in gratitude for your integrity and your gifts that have assisted me on my path and will continue to do so. You always saw the goddess in me as a whole and alive yet never stepped outside of the integrity you have set for yourself in your work and for this, I am eternally grateful.

Much love and light,