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Medicine Of One: The Path Of The Circle

by Clay Lomakayu Kindle, Audiobook or Paperback

“This is one of those books you can pick up and randomly point a finger to any page, any paragraph or any line and find a pearl of wisdom that speaks to you in the moment.”

What would it be like if you lived a creative life? One in which you could fully express your gifts to the world? What would life be like if your soul could be free of everything that binds it? In Medicine of One, Clay Lomakayu, Shaman – Soul Dreamer, takes us on a spiritual journey that can free us from emotional pain and suffering as we seek to find our own truth and light. With his guidance we bear witness to our selves without judgment, are encouraged to reveal – then embrace – our own pain then finally we learn to hold ourselves with a deep sense of self-compassion. We emerge knowing a new freedom that is the center of the Circle, the eye of the storm…where we can sit in the Quiet One. Using his own unique teachings, personal experience, and poetic language, Lomakayu has helped countless people find peace and change their lives on this path that brings clarity and inspires no matter where you are in life or your spiritual journey.

With real examples and exercises of ‘how to’ go about healing and freeing your self Medicine of One is timeless and continues to be a teacher of the essential wisdom of listening and going with the flow. Drawn from Native American spirituality of the Medicine circle, the Buddhist practice of compassion and the Toltec philosophy of self-knowledge, the down to earth wisdom of Medicine of One offers a path to inner peace.