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Emotional Healing
& Soulfulness

Present / Past life Trauma
Spiritual Enhancement /Sedona

What is emotional healing? What is trauma? Whether from past life, childhood or the recent present? I will discuss the second of these two,from my point of view, in another section. This discussion is about emotions.

Our soul, our truth, rides on the waves of emotion, energy in motion, in all its inexhaustible colors and tones and rhythms. Every time we choose not to speak our truth or feel our emotions and feelings, we lose a little piece of ourselves, a piece of our personal music. We shrink and grow dimmer. We lose some of our fire and passion. So the main thrust of the Work in what we hope to achieve is emotional healing, which means regaining our emotional flexibility, which means passing through the doorway of the pains that we thought were insufferable. This means becoming them, which means liberating them. It’s as if we started out with this great big orchestra that could perform this wonderful opus that was uniquely and radiantly who-what we were–“salka”, wild, free flowing life.

This means soul-full-ness. We are full of our soul. This is indeed soul retrieval, soul reclamation, or soul restoration, but those phrases don’t capture the poetry and beauty. I find them a little too clinical. And the soul journey sessions are not just about me retrieving these lost parts and quietly breathing them back into you. You get to feel them in all their complexity. And incorporated in each journey are teachings that help the individual to actively reclaim their own soul.