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One Noble Truth

by Clay Lomakayu Audiobook

In Medicine of One, Clay Lomakayu, invited us to travel the path to the Center of the Self, which was born out of his own spiritual journey and working with clients helping them do the same.

In One Noble Truth, Lomakayu focuses on what it means to live from that Center. From here we are a beacon of peace, harmony, and balance through the action of compassion which when we stand at the Center begins with ourselves. Living at the Center is the greatest gift we can give both the world and ourselves. By doing so we become a channel through which the infinitely creative mind expresses itself through a very personal uniqueness that we all are. We honor the Oneness we share with all life, but at the same time, we honor a beauty that we each shine onto the world.

“This is another one of Clay’s books that you can pick up and randomly point a finger to any page, any paragraph, or any line and find a pearl of wisdom that speaks to you in the moment.”