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Jerome Information

Sightseeing, Tourism, Lodging

Living in Jerome and looking out across the valley is really more of the experience of Jerome. Pictures of Jerome itself do not capture the spirit of the place. I live in Jerome and these views are similar to what I see from my porch. They actually call my place the Eagle’s nest. So it is an experience of sky and the vastness of the earth.

This is a view from Jerome, looking back across the Verde Valley to the cliffs of Sedona.

Travel a little ways out past Jerome on the Iron Horse Expedition, and this is what you will see: Sycamore Canyon wilderness area (The Little Grand Canyon) and the Sacred Peaks in the background.

Okay. Here's a picture of Jerome. Three thousand feet above the Verde Valley. Nobody would have ever attempted such a feat, if not for the presence of copper and a little bit of gold and silver.

Well, I don't know if I would want to live in this house. In fact, I haven't looked lately but it may not even be standing as I write this. Jerome sits on top of 88 miles of tunnels. Most of the houses have a differential between the front and back of the house of more than twenty feet. So you frequently park and walk into the top floor of a three story building.