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Shamanic Healing and Counseling

Please read this page if you want a general overview of what I do.

There is what I teach, and there is what I do, my services. They are impossible to separate, for what I do is based entirely on what I teach. First of all, if you have landed on my site, then its no mistake. Even if I am not the person to provide a service to you, It’s my wish that something said or seen gives you a direction to your own truth.

My service is to your own truth. And that service begins here on this page in my videos and audiobooks and in my books and writings. It has nothing to do with enticing you to come and see me. My hope for everyone is that they visit it me to help them; they are helped to the point where it’s their own wisdom that has been set free.

Every journey with people that find their way to me must begin with “I don’t know.” I stand in the shoes of “I don’t know”. Until you speak about what you want, my cup is empty. If you are seeking and don’t know yourself what you want, then my service is to help bring out your own knowing, flesh it out, so to speak. That is where we start. If you know what you want, how you want to feel differently as you move through life, then my service is to help you arrive. The way that I help you arrive is by using my own shamanistic gifts to help clear the way to what is already there.

In this world of One, there is no Shaman. This title is meaningless to me. It attempts to describe some of what I do, but not Who I Am. There is no me. My greatest achievement is to get out of the way and become a hollow bone.

Shaman is the best label to describe my work. But it’s just a label, a tag, a keyword. I cringe when someone calls me that because they have boxed me in. But the paradox is we live in a world of keywords. We live in the world of searches on the internet. That is where the search begins. Let us leave that word behind now and enter the world of our common humanity.

The word Shaman invokes many preconceptions, most of which probably don’t apply to me. The reason is that the Medicine of One is a Non-Dualistic world. Everything moves in ONE, and on a personal level, this is what I call The Big I.

Shamanism is often seen as a dualistic world. A world of spirits and demons, a world of forces and visions. There is no angel without a devil, a world of endless beings good and bad, beautiful and ugly. A world of curses and blessings, a world of fear and love, of hate and love, of sadness and joy, of hope and hopelessness, a world of right and wrong on and on and on it goes. A world essentially of opposites. These opposites Own us in infinite ways and in owning us we deny ourselves of living in the infinite world of the big I. What I propose and call the medicine of one, Shamanic Non-Dualism, is that we as the big I. Own the opposites and thereby become the ONE they move in.

The Big I

The Big I is as close as your breath and simply feeling the space around. Just one second of expansion to the habitual contraction, and you are on your way.
People often want a Shaman” to rid them of a curse or to extract the bad so they can feel good. They want protection because someone is sending them harmful energy. The greatest source of protection and undoing of any curse is within you.

Outside forces can not find a way through to you unless there is a doorway like a hole in your energy field. This field is meant to be one radiant glow, but the stories that may own you and what you hate within are magnets and open doors. As your radiance, there is no door, neither open nor closed. Be love to your fear. Be the heart, not the mind. The heart does not think or believe the lies of our stories. Be the spacious heartfelt sky to all that moves within you and you have entered the door of the Big I.

Everything here is to empower you, take you home to your own truth. Not to dish up my truth to you. I offer. You choose. That choice is so important. I can not do anything without you, without your Big I. Without your choice and agreement to be free of the past, I can not help. I can do nothing. I present a way of looking at the world. it’s one essential I call The One Noble Truth. NOt four or eight or ten but ONE. To live at the center as your big I where you embody the four Noble truths of Buddhism, and you live the eightfold path, where you behave from the ten commandments, and foremost among them is the golden rule: Treat all as you would wish to be treated . . . paradoxically not necessarily as you now treat yourself. How we wish to be treated . . . We are often the worst offenders toward yourself. So behind it, all is how to love yourself, how to be what I call the true action of Self Love.

To live as the Big I is to live as Big Spacious Love effortlessly…

I don’t heal, I help clear the way within you, and the healing comes from within. I have my own unique gifts that assist in this. One Is called Soul Dreaming which happens in the Soul Journey session. This has as a component what is generally called Soul retrieval, but it is far more than that. At times it is a kind of psychic soul reading. But do not come to me for a reading, a delivery of information, come because you wish to Clear the Way, Hanta Yo!

Another is something I have to call Primordial Movements for invoking specific emotional states that have been frozen. These come to me as a kind of vision where I see your body in a particular form. These are invoked through specific forms of the body, words, or phrases and spoken with a specific intent which is like a phrase of music. Music, because you are music and you came here with a song, and my service is to help you liberate that song that is your truth and your gift to this material world. We all have a song, and we all have a gift. Do not doubt this. If you do, then this is where the clearing away begins. Hanta yo, clear the way! With the big I, with love. Yes, that’s right we clear the way with YOUR LOVE.

In this process, we are Gathering Power, Gathering Soul Medicine. The medicine sits within you, waiting to be freed by your big love. I might have you gather physical objects to embody what is within. Gather what you want and gather what you don’t want. The key to bringing in what you want is facing what you have been trying to get rid of your whole life. The opposites are brought together and flower within you.

It is very important to know what you want. This is what I will serve. What do you want? Not objects and things, nothing from without, what do you want?. . to free in yourself . . . perhaps the Freedom itself.

Finally, this all happens in the Circle of the Medicine of One.
I offer a different way to move through life, I share my way.
That is all I can do.

It is best if you can visit me, but I do offer Skype sessions, not just talking but clearing the way through the soul journey or through Counseling that uses the primordial movements.
The most can be accomplished in a personal retreat or Vision quest. But I do offer the above sessions singly in my home or out on the land. What I call Coming to The Center.
Some people don’t know what they want. They only know they are drawn to take a journey on the land with me and see what happens. We can do that as well and visit some of my special sacred places.

Counseling by phone or Skype is available.

I Am now also offering intensives via skype, that would be the long distance version of a private retreat for those who can not find there way here..Please call or email and we can set up a time.

The cost is $125 per hour.

I also do long distance Soul Journey sessions if it seems appropriate for that person.
These session are prepaid through paypal.
Below is a video to give you an idea of what you would be seeing on your end during a skype session.